Processes involved in Software Development Project

software-development-processA software development process is a structure to be followed while developing a new software product. There are different types of software process modelshaving certain cycles or phases involving various kinds of activities.

Project Kick Off is defined as the initialization of a project. It is an initial plan or proposal describing the main functionality and procedure of a project. Project kick off also narrates the responsibility of the key members in a project, and also describes about the people who are in need of this project .In a nutshell, Project kick off is the method of producing a overall plan for a project at its initiation phase.

Requirement Gathering is usually the first part or segment of a software project. It is the initial stage of product development. In this stage, a thorough market analysis is performed in order to access the real demand of potential customers. Sales and marketing people are mainly involved in requirement gathering stage of a software project. Their analysis helps the developer to develop the software as per the current market demand.

Prototype Development is an important phase in a software development process. The developers first time develop the software as per their conceptual analysis and design with most likely material in this stage. Thus, a through evaluation of design, material, product structure is performed in this stage. Development is a very important stage of software process, where the software is being developed using agile methodology or traditional waterfall method. This step also consists of several sub steps. A traditional waterfall method is based on planning, where as agile methodology works on present feedback.

Software Testing is a pivotal step in any software development project. It determines the quality of software by several industry standard techniques. Software testing is a step to find out the existing bug in newly developed software. There are several testing methods are used named black box testing, white box testing, grey box testing and so on.

Production Roll Out is the next stage where the team of software developers works in full production deployment. In this phase, all of the conceptual designs are tested and modified or refined by implementing in a pilot project. During this phase, testing and other associated supportive activity also have an importance in order to validate the iterative cycles of production deployment.

Knowledge Transfer is another vital aspect of a software process. Knowledge transfer and training go hand by hand in a process. An assessment is needed to conduct among the key workers in a project ensuring their capability while undertaking a particular area of implementation in a software project. A training material is crafted under the guidance of the experts and approved after a through scrutiny. This quality training material is distributed to the key players in the project and the knowledge is transferred as per the project requirement in order to implement the knowledge in different modules of product development.

Post Deployment Software Support is another critical step in a software development process. It is almost essential to provide quality support for the newly implemented software and to trouble shoot the possible problems.

Altisnet follow all these steps with a scientific approach and with a technology driven manner. We are confident to provide you the best product development solution. We have created a dedicated development environment, Quality assurance environment, stage environment and production environment to maintain the industry standard in the software development process.

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Why You Should Outsource IT Projects

Outsourcing is a blessing in disguise for most companies as it will save time, effort, manpower, operating costs and training costs amongst others. The theory is that when you outsource IT projects to someone else, usually located overseas, you don’t have to worry about being tied up with the employee because outsourcing is always based on contract. You only have to pay for the services rendered in accordance to the project. There are many reasons you should outsource your IT projects to companies providing offshore outsourcing services.

It is that simple to outsource your job especially when it comes to outsourcing IT services such as Software Development, Website Designing, Software Testing, Web development and similar IT projects. The first advantage is it will help you reduce the costs. Onsite management is always more expensive to maintain than outsourcing so you should really consider outsourcing as part of your company investment in order for a better growth and achieve you target faster. IT Outsourcing companies provide high quality, time bound, cost effective services for your business.

When you outsource any IT projects to offshore outsourcing companies in India or China, you don’t have to spend money on training. Most companies spend thousands of dollars for training the staff in order to enhance their skills and to make sure that their skills are up to date. This process is time consuming and leads to wastage of money along the way. When you outsource, you can pick someone who is highly experienced having all the skills you need so that you can get the job done quick with quality.

When you outsource your projects, often you need prompt reports about the progress of the projects and somehow by outsourcing to freelancers, they will be able to keep you updated with the progress fast and consistent. Therefore you know what is happening without having to worry about unfinished project. When you have developed good relationship with a freelancer, you will have better network and there will be less issues between you and the freelancer.

Besides, the payment you make for freelancers is usually more accurate than the payment you make for your internal staff. It means that you get what you pay for when you outsource IT projects but when you assign your internal staff to do the same thing, you might get less than what you expect. Outsourcing is going to make your business easier, less burden and you are able to keep more money within the company rather than spending them on salary and other expenses that you can avoid.

Altisnet is a professional IT outsourcing company based in California, USA. Altisnet provides offshore outsourcing services in software development, software testing, web development and web designing.

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Company Overview is an off shore company based out in US, providing service in the field of  in-house and Offshore Software Development, Project Management and Business Process Outsourcing . We are capable to provide a bunch of talented and qualified professionals to build an expert offshore team. ALTISNET was incorporated in the year of 2006, and physically located in Milpitas, California.

We have the most sophisticated infrastructure coupled with an extremely talented and dedicated work force. Our main vision is to provide the quality work with utmost accuracy. We always value the customer requirement and try to provide the best solution using the best innovative way, of course at an affordable rate. We, at ALTISNET have created an ideal working environment to achieve the best with perfection. Our esteemed clients can always expect tremendous commitment, precise objectivity, Confidentiality and constant growth in our service. Quality, Cost effectiveness and flexibility are three pivotal factors that make us outstanding in the present offshore industry.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing has become a common practice in the present age of globalization. There are some definite advantages of outsourcing. Outsourcing can save money to a great extend, share work load and risk factors involved with it, develop a better work atmosphere amongst the internal staffs in the company.

Cost Effectiveness: Investing in the latest technology is always a costly proposition with associated risk factors. In this changing scenario of technological revolution, it is always difficult to employ the latest cutting edge technology at an affordable rate. So, it is always a wise concept to outsource your work to an offshore company having plentiful resources, excellent domain knowledge and state of the art infrastructure to tackle the most crucial problem with an innovative approach, but in a cost effective manner. Outsourcing is really beneficial in order to cut your sky rocketing expenditure in information technology.

Priority to the Core business: Back office activity is included in the daily work schedule for most of the companies. But a company needs to devote extra hours and dedication maintaining the back office operation with professional expertise. As result, core business arena of a particular company is often not being explored to the full potential. It is always recommended to outsource the back office operation to a competent off shore organization. Thus, most of the companies can concentrate only to their core business segment.

Trained work force: Outsourcing always provides a company to avail the opportunity of getting the top quality work from industry experts at a very reasonable price. Apart from cost effectiveness, it is also helpful to increase the overall productivity of the company over a long period of time. The company also should not be worried about the recruitment, training, other related process and involved cost in this segment. It is smoothly managed by the third party, i.e. an off shore company.

Excellent Business Growth: Outsourcing, being a cost effective business concept, helps to grow a company to the higher level. Outsourcing enables a company to hire more staffs in every specialized domain, increasing the over all output of the company. So, the company can experience tremendous business growth in short span of time frame with professional expertise.

Customer Satisfaction: A company faces stiff competition from its rival companies to provide a quality solution at a reasonable price. A company also feels the need to retain its existing customers by providing them excellent customer care and several benefits. Outsourcing is the best available option in this area. The company can always works in the line of expanding its business, while the off shore company can nicely take care of the existing customers.

Strong Market position: With the professional help provided by an off shore organization, a company is always in a comfortable situation to manage its business with out much hassle. An outsourcing activity is always enable to provide quick cost effective solution, excellent customer care, a highly competitive rate to name a few. Hence, the company always enjoys the reputation of being the best in its core business area, strengthening its position and reputation in the local market and giving an edge over rival companies.

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